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The Maine Amateur Radio Communications System

It's Official!!

The Maine Amateur Radio Communications System is alive! On Saturday April 23, 2016 we held a meeting that officially dissolved the Yankee Amateur Radio Club. A vote was then held that accepted the new bylaws and the new officers. Dues were collected from people attending and we now have our first members. We are on our way to a great new adventure and membership. Stay tuned and in the very short future there will be a form on line to download and an address to send dues to. The annual club dues are $10.00 per household. We are also working on making it possible to join and renew your membership on-line.

Click here to see if someone you know is a member

Click on the link and you too can have your name on the list. Simply print the application and send in your $10 and you will be included on the famous list that everyone wants to be on.

Membership Form


See what is going on in amateur radio here in Maine? Follow this link to some very interesting radio growth. www.maine-dmr.org

For more information on the new club please contact Bob, N1WJO.

Page updated on 8/21/2016.