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Special Notice

On Saturday January 23, 2016 there will be a meeting of club officials to continue the process of reorganizing the club. There will be changes and most likely either a complete name change or slight change to the current name. This is because club files were not kept up to date and it most likely will be in the best interest financially for the club to disolve then current club and reorganize into a new club. Iformation will be posted once the meeting is over and decissions have been made. Thank you for hanging in while we go through these changes.

image of tower with KQ1L antenna

Picture by Bob Gould, N1WJO, taken with a Sony DCS30S Digital camera

Here is a picture of the KQ1L repeater and a view of what it can see. This is from the top of Streaked Mountain in Buckfield Maine. This picture was taken from the observation platform on the firetower that is located on top of Streaked Mountain. This is almost a dead northwest view from the repeater. You can see the foothills in the background and can see why there are some areas that have dead spots for the repeater. The view to the southeast is clear and on a good day you can see the ocean. VHF operation is mainly line of sight, but when the antenna of one of Maine's most used repeaters is located just over 1900 feet above sea level, the coverage is great. On almost any given day you might hear a station from Vermont, Usually Brad (N1GZB) heading out or returning in the Danville area or a station from some place on one of the Canadian islands near Prince Edward Island.

This repeater is open to the public and is part of a linked system that is still being put together. There are several repeaters on this link that cover the majority of Maine. See a listing of the repeaters and their locations in the list below.

Frequency Location Coverage
146.880 Streaked Mountain, Buckfield Maine Kennebunk to Waterville KQ1L/R 100.0 hz
146.850 Dixmont Hill, Dixmont Maine Waterville to Old Town KQ1L/R 100.0 hz
146.820 Ragged Mountain, Camden Maine Brunswick to Bar Harbor KQ1L/R 100.0 hz
146.670 Sand Hill, Augusta Maine Capitol City, Local Augusta KQ1L/R 100.0 hz
147.000 Bagley Mountain, Lincoln Maine Bangor to Houlton N1GOI/R 100.0 hz
145.350 York Hill, New Sharon Maine Waterville to Rangeley N1UGR/R 100.0 hz
146.670 Musquash Mountain, Topsfield Eastern Maine, Musquash Mt. K1HHC/R 100.0 hz
146.805 Sanford Southern Maine & New Hampshire N1KMA/R 156.7 hz linked 88.5 hz local
145.170 Island Falls Moro, Houlton and North KB1JVQ/R 123.0 hz
146.610 Cooper Washington, Link for emergency only WB5NKJ/R
146.925 Waterville Local Waterville Coverage KQ1L/R 100.0 hz
146.970 Sugarloaf USA Link for Emergency Only KQ1L/R 100.0 hz

If you can not access a repeater, try a 100 hz tone.

On Air Events

Sundays join us for the 12 COUNTY EMERGENCY NET, this usually starts between 9:30 and 9:45AM directly after the Maine Public Service Net, the CENTRAL MAINE SWAP NET at 7:00PM and the 88 NET at 8:00PM

Mondays join us for the OXFORD COUNTY ARES NET at 7:30PM

Tuesdays join us for the MAINE ELMER NET and Scout NET at 7:00PM, on the KQ1L system.

Wednesdays join us for the WAWA NET(Waterville Area Wireless Association) at 7:30PM

Thursdays join us for the YL NET at 8:00PM. Discussions cover new HAM questions and recipe exchange.

Weekdays join the MORNING CREW every weekday from 5:30 AM until about 6:00 AM. The topics are open for what ever comes up. Don (N1ARR) usually takes the job of net control. It is not a real controlled net, it is more of an open net with discussions of about anything. It can be quite a comedy show. Stop by and check them out.

Looking for the ECHOLINK program. Just click the link http://www.synergenics.com/el You should be able to find the answers you are looking for also. For those of you on a home network, you can still use the program.

Looking for APRS programs. Try UI-View. You can find the program at http://www.ui-view.org/

Show me how to become a member.

Click the link above, print the form and fill out the form. Return it with your enclosed dues and it is that simple.

Page last updated on 01/22/2016

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